1. Maximally lenghtens, thickens and curles lashes
2. Precisely seperates and covers each lash from root to tip
3. Saturates eyelashes with deep black color
4. Does not crumble or leave lumps
FabuLash Mascara provides maximum length, thickness, density and
curl for your lashes. Its ultra-light formula and the carefully selected applicator-brush make it is easy to apply, precisely separating and covering each individual lash, even the smallest ones, from base to tip. It does not leave the lashes sticky or clumpy, providing long-lasting comfort and perfect make-up. It saturates the lashes with a deep black, giving them a bold look, and visibly increases lash volume while also providing nourishment and smoothing their
surface. Get ready for a spectacular fullness and curl. For best results, use LONG4LASHES FABULASH PRIMER STEP 1 under Mascara.